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Written by Nasser Hafezi-Motlagh   

a) Books

1) Applied Electronics (Vol.1) cover

2) Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 685 mohandesi pezeshki

3) Instrumentation and Electronic Measurement andazeh giri electroniki1

b) Scientific-educational Articles (Written for "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine)

1) Introduction to Respiratory System and Ventilator [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.4, No.30]

2) Ground Penetrating Radars [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.6, No.40]

3) Flight Navigation System [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.7, No.41]

4) International Space Sataion [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.7, No.45]

5) SONAR System [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.10, No.60]

c) Movie Reviews (Written for "Fantasy Academy" and "Wonderland" Magazine)

1) Chaos Filmography 1 (PI) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.1, No.12]

2) Chaos Filmography 2 (Butterfly Effect) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.2, No.14]

3) Chaos Filmography 3 (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.2, No.15]

4) Post-apocalypse Requiems 1 (Issac Asimov) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.2, No.24]

5) Post-apocalypse Requiems 2 (Star Wars) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.3, No.25]

6) Post-apocalypse Requiems 3 (Matrix) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.3, No.29]

7) Post-apocalypse Requiems 4 (Terminator) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.3, No.30 & 31]

8) Post-apocalypse Requiems 5 (Batman) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.4, No.34]

d) Short Stories (Science-fiction)

1) "L" HyperIC Autobiography [Published in "Amvaj-e-bartar" Magazine, Vol.11, No.66]

2) The Last Answer (Translation) [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.1, No.12]

3) The Revolutionary [Published in "Wondrland" Magazine, Vol.4, No.33]

e) Extra

1) "The Physician" Movie

2) Salvation Theory (a Glimpse of "Terminator: Genisys" Movie)

3) Defeat yourself, conquer the world (Fight Club Movie Review)

4) Interstellar

5) 1984

6) Building Electrical Installation (104 rules)