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Written by Nasser Hafezi-Motlagh   


Electronic Measurement


electronic test and measurement equipment


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Syllabus and Slides:


1)     Introduction to Electronic Measurement

2)     Static Characteristics of Transducers

3)     Dynamic Characteristics of Transducers

4)     Reliability in Electronic Measurement Systems

5)     Noise and Interference in Electronic Measurement Systems

6)     Position and Displacement Sensors and Actuators

7)     Force and Acceleration Sensors

8)     Velocity Measurement

9)     Stress and Strain Sensors

10)   Light Sensors and Actuators

11)   Sonic Sensors and Actuators

12)   Temperature Sensors and Actuators

13)   Fire Detectors

14)   Proximity Sensors

15)   Presence and Motion Detectors

16)   Fluid Sensors and Actuators

17)   Pressure Sensors

18)   Magnetic Sensors

19)   Transmitters

20)   Measurement Bridges, Amplifiers, Filters and Controllers

21)   ADCs and DACs

22)   Electronic Measurement Equipments